Solar Panel Cleaning


Solar panel cleaning is essential to maintain the efficiency and optimal performance of your panels.

Solar panel cleaning is usually the last thing on your mind when it comes to installing a solar panel system. It is more common to think about how much the cost of the system will be and the potential energy savings.

Do dirty panels really matter?

The external surfaces of your panels are designed to capture sunlight and convert that to hot water or electricity so anything that hinders the ability of the panels to capture sunlight will decrease the temperature output or the amount of electricity generated. This decrease will cut into your energy savings. Unlike a car that can be left dirty for months at a time with no impact, your solar panels will perform less efficiently.

What makes solar panels dirty?

A solar panel system is typically mounted high atop a home or business leaving it susceptible to all elements of nature. Dirt, which comes in many forms, has the biggest impact. Dirt can be loose soil or sand from the ground, dust, or grime – all of which becomes airborne potentially mixing with other substances in the air and eventually finding its way onto your solar panels. During the nighttime, moisture becomes a problem leading to water spots facilitating quicker accumulation of dirt. Bugs, insects, and bird droppings are yet more nuisance creating further maintenance needs.

 Solar Panel Cleaning Solution

  • Environmentally friendly 100% pure de-ionized water effectively absorbs dirt without the need for cleaning chemicals or detergents on your tubular of flat panels.
  • With our telescopic brush most panels can be cleaned from the safety of the ground. Pure water will give your solar panels a new lease of life and will not leave any water spots or detergent marks. The frequency of cleaning depends on your neighbourhood and how quickly your solar panels get dirty.